Yoga of Vijñāna Bhairava

retreat with Boris marjanovic from 23rd to 29th of may 2019

During the retreat we will do Yoga, meditate and we will get to know one of the most important scriptures of non-dual Kashmiri Shaivism : the Vijñāna Bhairava ".


Vijñāna Bhairava means "divine consciousness", the Tantra script contains 112 yoga meditations. The awarness is directed to different objects: the breath, the body centers, the universe. There are also visualizations, contemplation, japa and concentration.


"The supreme consciousness is not only transcendent in nature but is also found in the
beginning and end of each perception, in-between two breaths, between two states of
consciousness, as for example between waking and dreaming, but also at the time when one
experiences extreme emotions like happiness or fear. It is for this reason that one can always
and at any moment experience that supreme state. However, the problem is that we are
always preoccupied with our thoughts (vikalpas) and thus are enveloped by the self-imposed
problems. These practices direct our attention (avadhāna) away from these problems and
enable us to experience deeper aspects of vimarśa leading to the forth state (turīya), the goal
of all yoga practices."


The retreat is for those who want to get to know more in-depth mediation techniques from the tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism and to develop their own in-depth meditation practice.

During the afternon there is enough time to explore the beautiful surroundings of the island of Korcula, go swimming or hiking.


The seminar is in English.




7.30   Open meditation

8.00   Yoga with KYUNG HWA RO
9.00   Light snack
9.10   Lecture - BORIS MARJANOVIĆ - Vijñāna Bhairava

10.30 Breakfast brunch


- free time -


16.00  Yoga with JESSICA and TOMISLAV
17.30  Tea break
17.40  Lectures and meditations from the Kashmiri Shaivism - BORIS MARJANOVIĆ

- dinner -


The retreat begins on the first day around 6:00 pm with a shorter pre-dinner Yoga session and ends on the last day after morning Yoga, lecture and breakfast around noon.


Boris received his doctorate in 2006 in Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy at the University of Puna / India.

Since early youth he practices Yoga and meditation. He lived for over 12 years in Varanasi in northern India. There he was introduced to the Veda and Yoga in the traditional way. Boris teaches at various universities in Europe and the USA and has been researching the Kashmiri Shaivism for more than 30 years . He translated classical works from Sanskrit into English, including Abhinavagupta's commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and Abhinavagubtas Tantrasāra. Boris holds seminars worldwide and gives workshops on Tantra and Yoga with a focus on Kashmiri Shaivism.


Yoga Teacher : KYUNG HWA RO, PH.D

Kyung did research and gained a doctorate in Yoga at Banares Hindu University in Varanasi.

For 25 years , she has been teaching Yoga in traditional ways in India and South Korea.

She gave countless workshops and courses in asana, pranayama and meditation.


Course description - BORIS MARJANOVIĆ

Youtube channel


Costs for the retreat:

  • in a four-bed room 490 euros
  • in a double room 540 euros
  • in a single room 640 euros

(Price includes 6 nights, two yoga classes per day and lectures / guided meditation with Boris Marjanovic and breakfast / dinner.

We prepare the food together, after breakfast in the morning breakfast and in the evening light vegetarian-Mediterranean food. Vegan on request.)



Yoga house in Vela Luka

33. Ulica 5

Vela Luka - island Korčula


If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail or call us.


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